Flamingo Flowers Shop in international City P12

We started in 2013 in a backyard of a regular Villa in Dubai. With the Business knowledge of Atiq Al Janahi & Mohammad Alyassi creativity , young entrepreneurs decided to bring up classy gift touches to the market with flowers. They both graduated form university with Engineering Management degree and decided to carry on what they learnt with excitement.
successfully introduced creative designs that has trended in UAE . However the young business partners struggled for three years where they at some point decided to stop the business. The idea of having a creative shop was always there since 2013 & in 2016 they decided to take a step ahead and get their savings to make that shop happen. Although they barely had what it requires to make a capital investment. The shop started with almost two months worth of operation cost which they took as a gamble. Slowly customer kept coming for the unique floral designs, the creative look of the shop which was designed and built by the partners using recycled materials that were supposed to be thrown away. With hard work and dedication from the partners the business has grown, and still is growing with the creative services and ideas and successfully making floral workshops and beautiful designs that people find unique and amazing.

Our floral Master:

Our Chief floral designer Eng.Mohammad Alyassi an emirati entrepreneur & floral artist has brought his knowledge from different floral design schools along with his own touch to make creative floral art pieces. His knowledge in the field started since 2009 along with his passion towards art in a mission to bring up the level of floral art in UAE.
His designs are based on a combination of daily life materials and nature. He keeps it always simply but also cares to design towards what the audience love.
He has given many floral workshops within UAE for many known entities and always cares to enhance his background knowledge in design and floral mastery. His main focus in workshops is change of routine and time enjoyment in fun entertaining method of learning.